Jam VFX - London - Visual Effects, Post Production, Creative Design & Motion Graphics, CGI, Animation & Colour

Jam VFX - London - Visual Effects, Post Production, Creative Design & Motion Graphics, CGI, Animation & Colour


"JAM are my go to company when we have any post projects.  The service is first rate. The team are a joy to work with and they always go the extra mile to deliver over and above expectation. They give a totally personal service, which I find many of the bigger post houses fail to do, and are always very competitive in their pricing. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Paul McPadden  | Producer |  Outsider

"Working with Jam was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They worked above and beyond and were able to make clever and interesting decisions that were always based in the story and the world of TEOTFW and that helped make our show even better".

Jonathan Entwistle, Creator | Ep | Director | CH4 Netflix Original Series

“The team at Jam played a huge part in making sure that creative ambition, schedule and budget were all fully respected and adhered to. They are very collaborative and their attention to detail was a constant, from the early stages of briefing to the final last minute requests hours before the launch. Always responsive, efficient and creative - a delight to work with”.

Maggie Blundell | Spark44

“The whole expirence working with Jam really was great for me, you are the perfect mix of friendly people who were dedicated to producing the best possible job”.

Ceri Payne, Director | Creative

“As usual, It was a real pleasure working with the team at Jam. The experience is always very collaborative and the level of technical and creative detail that gets applied to the project is unsurpassed. “

Steve Cope | Director | 2AM Films

“I’d work with Jam again in a heartbeat. Their pragmatic and imaginative approach to each and every task made everything possible.”

Lucy Tcherniak | Director | End Of The Fucking World

"Just a note to say what a brilliant Unspun job you’ve both done – the campaign (and especially the promo) is getting some serious kudos from internal stakeholders and from Avalon…. one even saying it’s their favourite Dave promo EVER!”

Head of marketing | UKTV

"Working with JAM means I know I have a VFX team on board who’ll push a project technically and creatively at every stage of production.  They have always overdelivered on every project, because they always care as much as you do. Oh, and they’re NICE. "

    Chris Balmond | Director | Outsider