Range Rover L405 Blue Hour

This magical spot sees an uplifting display of fireflies gravitating towards the new Range Rover L405.  

The shoot was a great experience. It was very interesting to see how everyone involved had a slightly different idea of how the flies should work. It was important to keep both feet firmly in reality but also add an element of magic as the flies are attracted to the car. How far could they be pushed and yet still feel real and which of many types of firefly flash patterns would best demonstrate their movement and celebrate the vehicle. Reference was also key so on set we used a number of techniques to understand more about how the bugs light their environment and how the flies would be effected by focus and type of lens.” - Mark Robinson, VFX Supervisor

“We knew the animation of the fireflies was going to be integral to the whole piece so we focused on studying nature documentaries and creating a flap cycle from the reference. We used these animations to drive simulations for the larger-scale shots, making sure each individual firefly had realistic movement.  In many cases we hand animated the foreground fireflies in each shot to offer precise control over their position and movement. This was important to add the magic, which was such a key aspect of the real life reference.” - Pete Young, Lead VFX Artist.

The team at Jam played a huge part in making sure that creative ambition, schedule and budget were all fully respected and adhered to.  They are very collaborative and their attention to detail was a constant, from the early stages of briefing to the final last minute requests hours before the launch. Always responsive, efficient and creative - a delight to work with. – Maggie Blundell, Spark44

“As usual, It was a real pleasure working with the team at Jam. The experience is always very collaborative and the level of technical and creative detail that gets applied to the project is unsurpassed. “ - Steve Cope , Director 2AM Films